The Greatest Music Ever Made

So often we see lists of the “all time” top 10 songs or albums, usually conducted by a magazine or a radio station. They serve two useful purposes. Firstly, they attract new readers and audiences, mainly of people who want to argue against any entry they don’t like. Secondly, they are a handy piece of market research. Britain’s Q Magazine recently published their readers’ poll of the 100 greatest songs (amusingly described as “the definitive countdown of the nation’s playlist”). The top two songs: Oasis’s Live Forever and Wonderwall. The message to Q: plaster the magazine with Oasis stories (which they do anyway).

What can you do to avoid your partner from breaking up with you, if you fear this in your future? Probably not a lot. Before you even try to avoid it, maybe you should stop and think about your relationship. Are you really fulfilled with the relationship or does it just make you feel safe. Feeling safe is not the same as feeling in love.

Bring your wife flowers, today. Yes, that seems like a small gesture when she’s recently told you that she’s no longer in love with you, but it’s an important first step. Cook her favorite dinner one evening when you get a chance. Arrange a day for the two of you to do the things she loves whether that’s shopping or hiking. Your goal here is to make her feel that you love her more than anyone and you’ll do anything to make her happy.

All My Life – K-Ci and Jojo: This twosome has had some of the best trap beats and they scored another hit with this particular song. What better to look into the eyes of your loved one while K-Ci and Jojo sing about how they have waited for someone like you their whole life?

You make sure that every single patch of your skin is glowing, all the unwanted hair is removed, the hair is treated to a new tint, or perhaps a new haircut. You buy new perfume; your wardrobe is updated with sexier clothes. You buy pretty lingerie. You feel soft, smooth and beautiful. You smell divine. You are on top of the world.

This may be difficult but helpful in helping you fully recover as well as make a proper closure. It is better to keep your ex-boyfriend as a friend rather than hate him all the time. Just be sure that you set limits this time and that he doesn’t get in your way in terms of starting anew.

If your answer to the above 4 questions was ‘YES’ then you are ready to do the 1 single most important thing to forget about your Exs: USE YOUR HEAD. Contrary to popular belief IT IS possible to relinquish old memories, regrets feelings of remorse and low motivation following a break up, forget about Exs and regain your confidence and optimism QUICKLY. The key is to be intelligent enough to really engage and use your brain to accomplish what you want (in the same way you would to accomplish any other goal). They key is to focus on moving forward in your life to really get what you want, including the pursuit of love and happiness.

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