Silk Pillow Cases – An Aid To Beauty Sleep

Apply sunscreen with a sun-protection factor of at least 15 and avoid the sun as much as possible when its rays are most intense, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dermatologists agree that people who use sunscreen every day and avoid strong sunlight have youthful-looking skin.

Sleep on your back and you will have lesser eye wrinkles than others who do not do so. When you bury your face in your pillow, the wrinkles on the pillow get ironed onto your face while you sleep. It may sound ridiculous, it makes sense. If you simply can’t fall asleep on your back, take measures! Get yourself a They look and feel wonderful and reduce the stress on your skin. You may even notice a difference in the condition of your hair with a satin or silk pillowcase. The standard cotton pillowcases can pull moisture from your hair; it can do so from your skin too. Make the switch and check out the difference.

The glossy look and feel of satin originally comes from silk. A special method of weaving silk gives the cloth it’s special characteristics and we call it satin. Now days you can also find satin fabrics made from other man made materials but many prefer the natural satin made from silk.

Always wait until hair is dry before you brush it or comb it. Be sure that your comb has wide set teeth, and that the bristles on your brush are soft and flexible. The best way to comb out tangles is to begin at the ends of your hair and proceed upwards to the scalp.

Dip the roller into very hot water after you have the hair securely wrapped. Generally you would boil the water then pour it into another container where you can dip the extensions in. Don’t try to dip your hair over the stove!!!

Begin with a good leave-in conditioner. Apply a generous amount of it to your hair right after you wash it, making sure to work it into the ends of your hair. Next, add an even coating of serum all over your hair. Adding these steps to your weekly deep-conditioning regimen should keep your frizz problem under control.

A relaxing process can be very damaging to the hair if it is used excessively. However, I personally do not recommend it. By using this method, it can cause the hair to be very dry, not to mention hair breakage or spilt ends as well. Besides, what is the point of making the hair dead and then bounce it back after a few weeks when all the hair textures are badly damaged?

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