Google Adsense Made Me Think…

You can easily stream audio on the Internet and can consist of the registered items (eg your MP3 CD collection) as well as live content (eg His voice through a microphone). There are three basic stages of Internet broadcasting, as follows :.

Because hectic is what this is turning out to be – especially once I found out just what our founder has been going through and what sort of decision he was being forced into.

Here private broadcoasting are of my favorites! Check them both out and read what they offer. The first one is called iSoftwareTV. This is the one I ended up purchasing. It was LESS THAN $35. I had it downloaded, set up and was watching shows on my TV in less than 10 minutes. I was watching the Iraq War on IraqiTV and checking out some flicks too. They broadcast around 3,000 stations.

What put the final nail on the “Cable Coffin” was the memory of ANY dealings I’ve ever had with the cable company. Anyone ever call the cable company for service? Anyone ever sit home waiting for the cable company? EVERYONE I speak to has a nightmare story or two, or three. Not so with satellite company customer support. That was it. Time to get satellite TV.

The dotTV super-domains were created to allow this rnx tv, and there have been a number of developers that have produced programs that bring all the (rather the currently popular) broadcasts together into one easy to use access point. The kicker is, the programs are not all that well written.

The very idea behind Lombardi is straight up “You Play, and If It’s Good, We Pay”, and considering the Internet is the very definition of a communal playground in the best of its Web 2.0-going-on-3.0 format, any sort of an under the table deal with a big time entertainment industry-entrenched sponsor is an anathema. And yet, though this has always been both explicitly and implicitly understood, such a deal was offered – and once rejected, the financing was yanked right from under us, leaving people who won the paid positions having to reevaluate their commitment to LS and our founder, who had already sank personal funds into the production with the expectation of recouping his losses once the show went on the air, scrambling for a less incestuous form of financing.

To sum up, I would advice everyone who wants to work with AdSense to work every day with your blog or site, add some new info, even a little bit is good too. If you can’t do it every day, do it day after day. People and new content will bring you money. The dollar I’ve earned made me think about many things. A dollar for a year, but for doing completely nothing. What would be if I worked with my website everyday? That is the reason that inspired me to write this article on this December night. People, DO NOT BE LAZY!

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