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The auction websites have different business models but at the core they rely on certain aspects which need to be addressed if you want to use them either as seller or buyer.

Yet credit cards are not without problems. First of all, many people still do not have (or don’t have anymore in some cases!) credit or debit cards. This also means they probably don’t use payment processors like Paypal, which work mostly with credit cards (though they also work with bank accounts, and believe it or not lots of people don’t have these either). This is why some sites online have instructions for sending checks or money orders through the mail. This is quite time consuming, and undercuts the convenience of shopping online. Still, it is an alternative to credit cards.

WEBSITE THEME. Is your site going to be an information site, or will it be a duplication of your brochure to show your wares, or will you be selling online? Give this plenty of thought – research your competitors online, see how they present themselves. What would you do the same, or do differently?

You can do this by not putting any contact details on your website, offering no support and using an obscure 소액결제현금화. People like to know they can find you if something goes wrong, their credit card details are safe and that you are a real person and not a scam!

Compare the billing and the shipping address. Many people send out gifts to others through an online purchase so a lot of them will be merchant account processor legitimate but this is still the first thing to check for.

Firesales have gained in popularity because of the sheer amount of profits being pulled in from them. It’s not unreal to hear people say that they earned thousands of dollars in just 3 days. That’s the power of the Firesale. A good Firesale will offer top quality products for an insanely low price, with the price going up by any given percentage or dollar amount throughout the length of the sale. It builds like a fire! Until it’s all over and it has burned out, or run it’s course.

It’s kinda’ important to mention the whole money-back guarantee, right? Well its 8 weeks… that’s like… 2 months. So mess around with it, tweak it, sell stuff, make some cash and see if it’s somethin’ you dig. If not, just getcha’ no-questions-asked refund. Oh the money-back guarantee, it’s a beautiful thing.

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