Dear Ipod, Happy Birthday #6 – I Love You

Trendspotting is fun, easy to do, and easy to miss. What a lot of people don’t realize about fashion is that there are so many trends going on at once, and so many older trends that are still in fashion, that’s it’s easy to miss a new one and to not take advantage of an old one. This is where fashion blog writers come in. These “chosen few” are here to ease the pain of trend chasing and to help those who are willing to be fashionable find what is right for them.

I remember pushing and shoving in school talk-time to be the first so I could get to tell the story of what happened in yesterday afternoons episode of this space serial. This was considered to be the epitome of the lesson and was fought for.

Another true love is cosmetics . . . so shop for the latest cosmetic trend ~ even a ‘sample pack’ of the latest and greatest is sure to please! For a male ~ just take a ‘detour’ to the men’s counter!

Have you ever wondered why some people listen to the music they do? I’m sure sure that over time you have asked yourself this question. No matter what age you are some people just enjoy listening to certain styles of music.

It’s an easy listening station. We had one like it in WPAT radio in New Jersey. But the station changed its musical format at least a decade ago reflecting the changing demographics of the area. And literally, overnight as is usually the case with a format change, the band sounds were transitioned to latino.

When you hit the biggie, you’ll get loads of lovely 40th birthday gifts. And yet you find yourself wishing they’d instead lavished your lawn with the presents – that’s how much you love it. Once upon a time it was just somewhere for your kids to kick a ball about. But that’s now been well a truly banished, for fear of wearing brown patches into your iridescent green carpet. What’s more, you’ll always make sure you’re stocked with lawn-friendly weedkiller and you’ll always mow perfect strips that alternate between light and dark.

In 1985, the Smiths recorded a song called “Shakespeare’s Sister.” Siobhan Fahey borrowed the name for her post-Banarama group. The last “e” was accidentally left off. So the name is not a typo.

Any steps you take in terms of staging your Phoenix AZ homes for sale will help your Realtor in presenting your house in its best light, and can help increase profits for you when it comes to negotiating for the best deal.

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